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Join our HRDF Claimable Video Editing Training Course Malaysia today for complete training in Premiere Pro & After Effects, basic, intermediate & advanced level.
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HRDF Claimable Video Editing Course

Video Editing for HRDF Claimable Training Course in Malaysia
In hands-on classroom and on-site HRDF training in Malaysia, learn about After Effects and Premiere Pro to edit videos, create animations, and add special effects. Our lessons are taught by the best experts in graphic animation using our step-by-step workbook.

The “HRDF Video Editing Certificate” program provides a foundation for digital video editing, effects and motion graphics for digital artists who need to acquire expert skills in video editing and applying effects. This series of courses prepares you to use Premiere Pro and After Effects in the video, television, and broadcast industries. You can start the HRDF Claimable Video Editing Certificate program at any time through the Continuing License program, with new courses starting each month. The HRDF video editing certificate can be obtained online or in person. All video editing certificate courses in both formats are guided by onsite instructors.

The DEH Training Institute Video Editing is a hands-on program that uses modern video editing tools such as Premiere Pro and After Effects to teach the principles and practical skills of video editing. Participants learn the video editing process and apply their knowledge by doing in a group course. Each part of the course is limited to 10, and students will receive personalized attention and collaborate with instructors as part of the HRDF Video Editing Certificate program.

If you’re only interested in specific topics, check out our HRDF one-on-one video editing courses. Many video editing certificate courses can be used as part of a beginner video editing bootcamp without the need to create a position or portfolio.

HRDF Video Editing Training Course
HRDF Videography Editing Training Course
100% Fully Claimable HRDF Video Editing Training Course
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Online HRDF Video Editing Training Course
3 Days Online HRDF Video Editing Training Course
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On Site HRDF video editing training
Johor TLP Pasir Gudang HRDF video editing training
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HRDF Premiere Pro Training Course: Introduction - Advanced

In the comprehensive two-day HRDF Adobe Premiere Pro training course, HRDF Video Editing Course professional instructors can ensure that you have a solid foundation in video editing with Adobe Premiere (the industry standard for video editing). The Premiere course covers using the Adobe Premiere workspace, transitions, effects and filters, audio editing, exporting jobs, and more. This type of Adobe Premiere class can help you get up and running quickly in video editing and production. Learn quickly and easily with professional Adobe Premiere trainers from HRDF Video Editing Course. 

Improve your video editing skills in this advanced Premiere Pro course and learn about various tools to maximize the potential of your creative work. Find out how to integrate Photoshop, After Effects, and Audition, how to perform precise color correction, and various masking techniques to perfect your work. Premiere Pro training courses include detailed training manuals for reference outside of the HRDF Video Editing Course classroom.

HRDF After Effects Training Course: Introduction - Advanced

In this two-day HRDF After Effects course, you will learn the basic skills required to create exciting visual effects and dynamic graphics. This After Effects course is taught by the team behind the all-digital After Effects classroom. This After Effects course covers topics such as using the user interface, working with layers, keyframes, and masks, and working with media. You can also explore the depths of After Effects tools, including 3D effects, and render projects for output.

The HRDF Advanced After Effects course teaches you the advanced skills needed to create visual effects and animations. Our After Effects courses are led by the team behind the best-selling After Effects digital classroom. In this course, you will learn advanced composition, timeline, selection, color correction, color coding, motion tracking, expressions, environmental effects, and more.

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HRDF Video Editing Course Structure

The structure HRDF Video Editing Course, digital video editing evening seminar is the same as the 4-days-full-time seminar but is designed to meet the needs of students performing different daily tasks.

Tonight’s seminar provided students with all the skills needed to edit with Adobe, the industry’s leading editing software. In addition to the Media Composer training, students also learn various theoretical editing methods.

The seminar takes place every once per month, from 10 am – 4.30 pm. at our HRDF Video Editing Course campus, and some classes can take place on Saturdays.

During the HRDF Video Editing Course, students will receive classroom materials, which they can use for five different types of projects. Student Editor – A short dramatic scene, music video, short documentary, and trailer for a major film. The last week of the workshop was devoted to establishing digital roles in all projects created in the classroom.

The HRDF Video Editing Course is a passionate learning partner and the award is currently only won in 75 universities nationwide. Students can choose to take the Adobe User Certification Exam, which qualifies them to become Adobe Certified Users.

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